Get motivated, track your stamina, recover, and access your strength taught by Bobby Low at Jubilee Ace Bobby Sports

Jubilee Ace Bobby

Jubilee Ace Bobby Sports Academy is a 365//24/7 top-tiered one-stop sports and fitness club for athletes and high performers, founded by Bobby Robert Low and Leslie in 2019,

Year 2021 will definitely be different from 2020. The whole world is facing strict safety protocols.


People are pushing themselves and to take good care of themselves by strengthening their performance, body and immune system.  The situation worldwide has pushed everyone to take caution and elevated, carefully measures such as enhancing male and females’ of their immune internal system and always maintaining the body fit. 


Reimagining the fitness, health and spa club, enabled us to redefining the fitness and workout.  Fitness has been the heart and the beat of my long term career.


Jubilee Ace Bobby Sports Academy offers low and high intensive workouts for every one of our members from a professional team of coaches. 


They are happy, charming, charismatic, professional, and passionate athletic trainers.  All are professional specialists in their training sectors and verticals. And they are inspired to coach you on many difficult to easy levels.  


You can learn from stages in beginners to fitness professionals and enthusiasts. All of the Jubilee Ace Sports workouts will include a trainer demonstrating easy to hard modifications, so there’s always someone to follow with TVs on the wall, no matter a user’s ability or will to succeed.  We will push you every step of the way.  No excuse.  Count on us for that.

Jubilee Ace Bobby

Members can try something new, discover a new friend or new trainer, or find a new workout to complement their current diet and training routines. They can also use schedule to choose the training hours, time, schedules workout, sauna, steam room, massage.


Here you can discover music that will fit your ears, enhance your mood.  When you are here, we’ll be looking forward to the next amazing and great workout.


To help everyone achieve a healthy and strong and high performing lifestyle, Jubilee Ace Sports Academy offers premium health and fitness supports for expats i. This fitness academy aims to help expats level up their fitness by offering state-of-the-art fitness facilities. While keeping their body fit. Jubilee Ace Sports Academy understands this by offering premium health and fitness support for expats around the world.


Jubilee Ace Bobby Sports Academy launched in 2019, focusing on helping expats achieve their fitness goals. It is a 24/7/365 sports and fitness club situated in various nationwide states.


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