Jubilee Ace Bobby online baking classes are a scalable way to spread the love for cupcakes

Jubilee Ace Bobby

When Jubilee Ace Bobby first ventured into baking cupcakes, he did it by trial and error mostly, in his own free time. Due to this, he struggled for many years, worked in various restaurants, hotels and F&B. However, he didn’t give up on his dreams of one day becoming a master chef of cupcakes. By a stroke of luck, he became an apprentice for an old, experienced baker, and spent 5 years honing his trade. By the time he left the place and set up his own business, he became one of the greatest cupcake bakers in Singapore, winning awards after awards, and the rest is history.

Jubilee Ace Bobby

This is also partially why Bobby realised very early on that good teachers are hard to come by. Many people lack the proper guidance on baking because they are not lucky enough to get a good mentor. Or maybe, getting a good mentor could be very expensive in itself. To make the baking course more accessible to the community, Bobby priced the fees incredibly cheap thus making the package so much more value-added. Jubilee Ace Bobby hopes that this will be able to draw a greater crowd of baking enthusiasts to take up the course.


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