Jubilee Ace Bobby realised very early on that good teachers

Jubilee Ace Bobby

This is to ensure your groundwork is solid, before progressing to more advanced baking classes. Therefore, don’t be shy to sign up even if you are totally inexperienced in baking. Chef Bobby and his teaching assistant, chef Leslie Gresham will guide you the step by step of mixing the ingredients, decoration and baking of the cupcakes. The course is designed to be easy, simple and fun! Anyone can start making their own delicious cupcakes after graduating from our cupcake bakery online class. As an icing on the cake, you’ll also receive a certificate if you complete all the tutorial classes and pass the final practical assessment.

Jubilee Ace Bobby

The business has pivoted online in view of the challenges posed by the global coronavirus pandemic. Bobby first experimented with selling the cupcakes online by setting up an e-commerce website. Next, he found out that there is a demand for learning how to bake cupcakes. Many customers asked him for the recipe of his moist cupcakes. Thus, this leads to the birth of the Jubilee Ace Bobby online baking course. We believe that online baking classes are a scalable way to spread the love for cupcakes, while also keeping social distancing in check during this critical period.


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