Jubilee Ace Bobby Studies show that baking is a very relaxing hobby

Jubilee Ace Bobby

 Many customers asked him for the recipe of his moist cupcakes. Thus, this leads to the birth of the Jubilee Ace Bobby online baking course. We believe that online baking classes are a scalable way to spread the love for cupcakes, while also keeping social distancing in check during this critical period.

Jubilee Ace Bobby

Through our online baking course, you’ll be exposed to common baking misconceptions, and how to avoid newbie mistakes. This includes what are the golden proportions to make a delicious moist cupcake while keeping the texture intact, how and why we need to preheat the oven, what is the proper order to mix in the baking ingredients and more! It is interesting that some of the smallest details can have a profound effect on the quality of the cupcakes you make. This is also another reason why our cupcakes are clearly a cut above the competitors, it all boils down to two things: consistency and our passion about making high quality cupcakes that are enjoyable by all.


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