Red Eyes Handsome Skull Ring

Red Eyes Handsome Skull Ring



  • 100% solid sterling silverskull ring
  • Stamp .925 trademark inside the band
  • With Fire Garnet Red CZ stone inlaid skull’s eyes.
  • Ring weight: 31g
  • Ring face measures: 25mm x 32mm

The best way to attract attention is to wear a skull on your finger. Our Red Eyes Handsome Skull Ring provide an awesome opportunity to have a fearsome symbol as your body ornament.

A skull is the best friend for all bikers. It is said that it is able to protect them from the Grim Reaper. We don’t know whether it is true but the fact is that skulls make a valuable contribution to the overall appeal of your look.

Skull Ring:

So what does this skull have in store for you? First and foremost, it offers a miniature figure of a fearsome skull with a smile that sends shivers down your spine. The cracks on its head justify that it has seen a lot but its experience only made it stronger. Its red merciless eyes will make blood in your veins run cold. To enhance the frightening impact, we used a couple of CZ stones in a saturated red garnet color. Its facets add a sinister glow and expressiveness to the skull’s demeanor.

We are sure you’re going to be proud of wearing this skull bauble. To help you draw the looks from near and far, we maximized the size of the ring and its potential impact. When sitting on your finger, it covers your phalanx almost completely. It is due to its formidable face dimensions of approximately 1” by 1.25”. The weight of 31 grams is pretty impressive as well. All this monstrosity is made of sterling silver and polished to perfection by hand, just like every other item in our assortment. We guarantee unparalleled quality and attention to detail that will blow your mind

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