Charles Emmet Harris IV

Charles Emmet Harris IV


All persons around the world have a right to legal representation. In fact, this right is enshrined in basic laws around the world. What this means is that anyone who faces legal action has a right to be represented by a lawyer.

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Charles Emmet Harris IV
Charles Emmet Harris IV

Proceedings in court against a party will be deemed null and avoid if the party does not have legal representation. A party that is denied the right to legal representation can seek to reverse a judgment as there will not have been a fair hearing (a non-derogable right in most democracies). As such, you should seek legal representation whenever you are facing legal action.

Charles Emmet Harris IV:

When looking for a lawyer, ensure that you choose a qualified one. For instance, a truck lawyer with CSA points will make sure that you are represented in court by a lawyer who is experienced in the field. Such a lawyer can help you avoid losing your license when you get a speeding ticket as they know how to deal with cases related to their field in the best way possible.

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They know how to make sure that their client doesn’t lose their license. Since the laws are becoming stricter and more constrained, it is important to look for a skilled and experienced attorney to help you reduce the fines and ensure that your license isn’t suspended or revoked.

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