Mr. Ajit Prabhu has given a creative push to the global engineering space

Mr. Ajit Prabhu has given a creative push to the global engineering space


All in all, Mr Ajit Prabhu has given a creative push to the global engineering space and will continue to do so in the upcoming years.


Mr. Ajit Prabhu’s journey began in the humble town of Hubli, Karnataka, where he was raised in a family of 3 children. His father was a hardworking person who juggled school and work at the same time while raising a family, which is how Mr. Ajit Prabhu has learnt to extend the boundaries of his achievements. When he was young, he didn’t always have the best of everything, but he made sure that he made the best of what was given. He consistently scored at the top of his class, did the extra work and learnt how to manage things on his own. By doing so, he didn’t realise that he was inculcating an entrepreneurial spirit in himself. His mindset had helped him gain meritorious scholarships to study for 2 Masters degrees in the US, where he launched his venture.

Ajit Prabhu

Fast forward to 1997, he launched QuEST Global that has now become the pioneer of engineering solutions globally. He launched QuEST Global with the vision of helping businesses that are looking to scale their business. That is precisely the position he’s achieved in the past two decades and now, he’s built a company that is the market leader for all mechatronic engineering solutions. He’s helped many Fortune 500 companies better themselves over time with scalable and automated solutions. With humble beginnings in a small board room, now the company spans 54 locations with over 11000 employees.


Mr. Ajit Prabhu’s long-sighted vision has given him a competitive advantage in the current market. Because of his inventiveness and intuition, he has mitigated many potential risks for his clients over time, and it’s one of the reasons why people turn to him for guidance and leadership. He’s a pioneer of building relationships because he understands their importance. One of his clients was his ex-manager at a company he used to work for, which makes him value relationships over the competition. Since then, he’s built a business through many other verticals and scale it into a global company.

Globally, many startups tend to fail soon within their launch because of their lack of vision and an unclear objective. But Mr. Ajit Prabhu was very wary in this regard and always thought about scaling the business at exponential growth right from the get-go. Now, he’s transformed the engineering space by helping companies provide cleaner air, greener spaces and quality healthcare. As an award-winning entrepreneur, he is also keen to give back to the very community that gave him so much. It’s one of the reasons why he established the Ajit Prabhu foundation to help scores of underprivileged students across India get the education that they’ve always dreamed of.

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