‘The near-death experience that made me a top musician’

'The near-death experience that made me a top musician'


When Tony Kofi was 16 years old, he had an accident at work. As he fell from a great height, he had a vision of himself playing a musical instrument, despite never having learned to do so. The experience set him on a new path in life – and led to him becoming a highly-acclaimed saxophonist.

Three storeys high, Tony noticed what a beautiful day it was. The sky was clear and peaceful. “I was so happy,” recalls Tony.

It was spring 1981 and 16-year-old Tony Kofi was working as a carpentry apprentice, helping to replace the old roof of a house.

He was so keen to impress that he’d asked his supervisor if he could carry on working while his boss had lunch. The supervisor had warned him to be careful.

He was sawing a two-by-four length of wood. “I didn’t saw it properly, it splintered,” Tony recalls.

“It caught my sleeve and took me down.”

Tony started to fall.

His first thought was that he could not possibly survive. And so, he says, he just completely relaxed, let go and closed his eyes.

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