Best Lego sets for adults: NASA, Star Wars, architecture and more

Best Lego sets for adults: NASA, Star Wars, architecture and more


If youth is wasted on the young, then so are certain Lego sets. Whether you need a screen break or a hit of nerdy nostalgia, there are few things more satisfying than taking time, as a fully-grown adult, to sit down and build a spaceship out of tiny plastic bricks. Lego realised a long time ago that grown-ups were just as keen to play – sorry, build – as children and its range now includes a spectrum of mature designs aimed squarely at big kids.

The best Lego sets for adults aren’t just the ones with 7,000 pieces that require a structural engineer’s sign-off before you build them (although, to be clear, those ones are Very Cool). There are also sleek and simple designs that look good on a shelf, brick-by-brick robots that you control with an app, or imaginative sets that tap into the fandom around film and TV series. Its current collection also includes ‘mindful’ sets designed to reduce stress.

There’s even half a chance that Lego is good for you. Meeting rooms at Big Tech firms are often stocked with Lego because it’s thought to improve creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Studies have found that it can be used to develop certain technical skills. In 2017, the University of Cambridge even hired a Lego Professor of Play in Education, Development and Learning. The takeaway: playtime is serious.

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