7 Designer Fitness Gadgets For Your Home


Caught the at-home gym bug post lockdown? Here’s how to kit out your home for a stylish and effective work-out.

For the last 18 months, at-home workouts have been our only option with studios and gyms closed. Yet what started as a lockdown necessity has now gradually become a convenient way to fit daily workouts into our new post-lockdown lifestyles. But what about fitting into our homes? Rather than cluttering up our living spaces with gaudy, bulky fitness kit in our new make-shift at-home gyms, a new wave of stylish fitness equipment has emerged, from beautifully crafted pieces that can stand pride of place in any home, to designer brands lending their logo to otherwise functional apparatus for a fashion twist on at-home fitness. Here are seven of our favourite bits of kit to upgrade your workout space, at home.

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